You’re Doing Great Sweetie!

Hello sweet friend. How are you? Is your brain also a bit of a pancake?

I have been giving myself a lot of pep talks this month, from needed tough love moments to verbal hugs and Kris Jenner-like cheer sessions. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure who this blog post is more for, you or me, but if you’re also in need of a reminder that you’re doing just fine, today’s writing is for you.

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The Self-Care Game Plan

A portrait of 2020.

Who was the first human to market the bubble-bath-by-candlelight trend as being the ultimate form of self-care? I highly doubt they also lived in a New York City apartment with a miniature tub, but if they did, I have some questions. How do you ever find the balance between scalding hot and lukewarm water? Do you choose to have your knees or nipples underwater — because you can’t have both, it’s a tiny tub. And finally, do you know this isn’t actually the ultimate form of self-care?

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care as we begin entering the dark months of winter and what self-care actually looks like in practice. The pandemic, politics, the state of the world, and just trying to stay afloat in my own life have felt especially heavy the last few weeks. Burnout is hard and all-consuming when it hits, and my sudden deep lack of motivation, exhaustion, self-criticism, and inability to focus is signaling to me — in giant neon flashing letters — that it’s here. I am burned out — and I imagine, we all are.

While we know there won’t be an immediate change to many of our circumstances in the next few months, change is coming. It always does. So while we wait, it’s desperately important that we take care of ourselves and proactively create our own self-care game plans we can fall back on when the coming months get dicey.

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