Welcome to my new adventure


Hey, hello! Welcome to my new blog, it’s a pleasure to have you. Tea? Lint roller for all the cat hair you’re bound to acquire here?

If we haven’t met and you stumbled upon Hey, Is This Thing On? by accident, you might be thinking, what is this place that has so many thoughts? First off, my name is Carly, I’m forever juggling a full-time job, a freelance journalism side hustle, and too many to do lists to count. I created this blog as a way to carve out my own little space to share my thoughts on books, writing, my 28-year-old misadventures, living in New York City, mental health, and so much more. It turns out — as is no surprise to anyone who knows me — I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of things, and now they have a home to call their own.

If you clicked here and we have met, I assume you came here from my dad’s Facebook page. That guy is like a one man PR machine amongst 60 through 80-year-old retired firefighters who make up a shocking large percentage of my readership.

This is a bit of a fresh start after running a blog called The Curious Case for six years. I started that little blog right out of college. It was part composition book to practice my writing, part scrapbook to record my then 22-year-old adventures with friends. In that first year, I considered my blog to be my own private time capsule where I hoarded away memories from the nights my friends and I terrorized the bars around my studio apartment or crammed onto my too small balcony in the trees to eat mediocre homemade pasta and talk about all the places we’d someday go.

Over the next six years, the Curious Case was a constant in the ever changing world of my 20s. It shepherded me through writing internships-turned-full-time jobs-turned-unemployment-turned-unexpected and blossoming careers. It became my confidant through romantic relationships, changing friendships, and the transition into being a cat mum. Ultimately it accompanied me on my biggest dream of all: Moving to New York City.

But despite all that love and history, it became clear last year that the Curious Case no longer existed in the internet ecosystem of 2012. It had served my life exactly how I had needed it to for all those years but now, it no longer fit. So with a sweet goodbye and thank you, I decided to close the Curious Case and embark on a new chapter. A new blog.

Welcome to my new start. Hey, Is This Thing On? is where I hope to grow as a writer and more importantly, as a human. Relearning how to launch a blog has been both bittersweet and exciting, and while this blog will remain true to my voice and interests and opinions, its content will be lifestyle-focused rather than centering around my personal life.

If you’re looking for a place to start on Hey, Is This Thing On? might I recommend “A Roadmap For the Blues” or “The ‘Perfect Moment ‘Myth.” If personal essays are more your thing, I’ve got plenty including “I love you, I hate you: The story of a nose”. Curious about the books I’m excited about right now? Read on! Or maybe you want to know the best writing/freelance newsletters to join? They’re coming next Sunday!

If you’re interested in receiving weekly updates from Hey, Is This Thing On? please subscribe on the sidebar to the right or follow this blog on Twitter or Instagram. New posts will be published every Sunday morning. I am incredibly grateful you took the time to read my blog and hope to see you again soon.